In this occasion, we headed towards Oeschinensee, a virtually unpronounceable destination that would meet, by far, anyone's photographic expectations. We went to do a hike whose main attraction is a glacial lake which is completely surrounded by mountains and whose picturesque view from up the hike pathways offer endless photographic possibilities no matter if you are the super-wide-angle or 200mm telephoto-lens kind of landscape photographer. 

Kandersteg, the Swiss village from where the hike starts, surprised us right from the beginning. It is not one of those super-touristic Swiss villages, where super-rich tourists go to enjoy a super-touristic-expensive-and-sort-of-fake Swiss experience. This village looked instead a place to be in contact with nature, with not too many luxuries. In fact, at the heart of it, we found a large camping site that will surely remain on our bucket list for future long-weekend trips. 

The hike we were planning to do was not especially hard (although some segments were a bit exposed and are not recommendable if you suffer from high sickness), yet the vistas are stunning. The weather decided to cooperate with us in this occasion: almost summer weather in the morning and an oncoming storm that would reach us passed lunchtime, which would progressively fill in the sky with low clouds which would soften sunlight and drew an increasingly interesting sky during the day. 
These excursions, where the hike itself is the main protagonist, probably are not the best set up for landscape photography, which ideally requires scouting the area looking for composition and taking one's time to understand the environment and invoke creativity. Nonetheless, there a few shots I am quite happy about and would like to share. 


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