I am Ezequiel and I happen to spend some time taking photographs. 
In today's digital world, it's not easy finding the right place for one's photographs to live in, nor the kind of photographs that are more effective in each of those spaces. Here I intent to collect some of the photographs I take and avoid the distraction that comes with likes, comments,  and reactions.  
I have always been interested in artistic manifestations and have found myself practicing and enjoying several ones. Always looking for 'The One' that fits better my live style, age, or mentality in those periods. Photography has found a place in my somewhat chaotic and time consuming routine.
My approach to photography has no secret. The main subject I photograph being nature, photography skills might seem like secondary actors shadowed by the effort time invested in hiking higher, longer, and earlier. Photography is an end, but also a mean to stay active, positive, and better balanced. More alive. 
I hope anyone passing by finds some beauty. So please, enjoy if you can!
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